Web3: Aquarian Creative

The Aquarian Creative mission promotes the education, preservation and exhibition of Blockchain Contemporary Art. The importance of archiving important crypto-native cultural objects is significant to the evolution of art history and the foundations of provenance. With the philosophy of building public goods in decentralized spaces, Aquarian Creative gives the opportunity for accessibility, assists with the exhibition of early on-chain art, and provides scholarships for Women artists in the Blockchain field.

Aquarian Creative Class of 2023 will be introduced to the world of self-sovereignty through artist workshops, Web3 strategies and social content engagement skills. Utilizing the tools/medium of Blockchain technology, Aquarian Creative will improve and help support the communities of diverse ecosystems as it advocates for the understanding of equal representation policies. Artist-In-Residents will also be provided a scholarship for the attendance of The University of Nicosia (UNIC) first open introductory course to NFTs and the Metaverse, delivered on-chain and in the metaverse. Aquarian Creative empowers innovators and visionaries to advance this digital renaissance to become a legacy of historic creativity shared in an open sourced immutable way.

The Aquarian Creative Museum will be showcasing & traveling throughout the year. It will feature revolving collaborations, Artist-In-Residence opportunities for especially Latina artists in NFTs. Additionally, future immersive Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality gallery experiences will unfold as the technology evolves.

Aquarian Creative is certified by the South Texas Regional Certification Agency as : Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), Emerging Small Business (ESBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Hispanic American Business Enterprise (HABE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE).